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Azure Data Box

What is Data Box? Microsoft azure databox cloud solution, it enables you to receive your large number of data transmissions quickly and reliably on azure. By sending a special data box storage device to you,...

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Express Route

What is Express Route? ExpressRoute, it allows you to expand your in-house networks to azure environments over a special connection with the help of companies such as Equinix, a connectivity provider. With E...

Azure Application Insights
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Azure Application Insights

What is Azure Application Insights Application Insights is a service that is a feature of an Azure Monitor service and is used especially in the field of Application Performance Management (APM). App ...

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Azure Key Vault

What is Azure Key Vault? Azure Key Vault is a service that has developed for applications and users to manage their secrets. In modern applications, it is generally not recommended to keep in-app secrets to ...

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Azure Devops

What is Azure Devops? DevOps is not only a tool but also a cultural and professional movement. In my opinion, Devops are practices that provide automation, communication and integration between software team...

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App Service Migration Tool

What is App Service Migration Tool? App Service Migration Tool is a migration tool developed by Microsoft that analyzes the applications in existing on-premises in detail and prepares reports for a possible ...

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App Service Container App

Whats is Docker? If we need to start with a classic definition, Docker is the most used software container platform in the world. Containerization means putting it in a container. Docker is a technology buil...